Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Lush favs: Review


This was, firstly, given to me as a sample when I asked for advice on what to use on my dried out split ends and, as soon as I finished the sample, I went back to the store to get a full size. I use this on my damp hair after I shower and it makes it a lot easier to brush. It has a very sweet orange blossom/jasmine scent that lingers for hours and, like most Lush products, a little bit goes a long way and is more than enough to get some shine back on your damaged ends (also, too much will leave your hair feeling a bit too thick like most leave-in conditioners). My hair is pretty long, I bleached and dyed it countless times over the last few years and it gets knotty all over, so not even this can cure it, but it does make it look a whole lot healthier.


❅ ❅ ❅

I Love Juicy 

This is one of my all time Lush favorites due to the sweet, tropical, fruity scent. Lathers up very well, balances oily hair without drying it out, your roots feel clean, fresh and free of that greasy sensation. I would 100% recommend this for oily hair, but not so much for dry hair, I suppose. 


American Cream 

At first I wasn't sure if I liked the scent, but it grew on me after a couple of uses and now I love it. Unfortunately, it's not a very nourishing conditioner and if you're looking for a deep condition I would recommend buying Retread instead of American Cream, but if you're looking for something to pair up with other leave-in products, this does the job. The sweet fragrance will stay in your hair for hours, like most Lush products.

Snow Fairy (Christmas Exclusive) 

Creamy, sweet, cotton-candy smell, lathers nicely, easy to get why everyone loves it. Can't really go wrong with this unless you don't like sweet scents. It won't leave an aroma throughout the day, but it brightens you up when you shower. Snow Fairy is a Christmas exclusive so if you're interested in trying it out, get it now before it's gone. A 500g bottle can easily last one year, so you can have it all year round.


❅ ❅ 

Karma Komba 

The first solid shampoo from Lush I've ever tried was Squeaky Green. It was made from stinging nettle and even tho it would sometimes leave my scalp feeling itchy if I used it too many times in a row, it worked wonders on my oily roots. I was so impressed with the way it lathered (something I was not expecting, and why I was reluctant to try it at first) and I was already planning on buying it again but, soon after that, it was discontinued. I went to the store to decide on a new solid shampoo and I was advised to buy either Karma Komba or Jumping Juniper (both of them Vegan), considering my hair type, and I instantly chose Karma Komba. I use this every other day (switching between other shampoos), it helps detangle your locks and slightly weights down, making your hair feel straighter and not so frizzy. I love the fragrance and almost half-way through, with over 3 months of use, the smell still takes over my bathroom like a scented candle. I would not recommend using the Lush tin cans to keep this on your shower, because if you store it while it's still wet it will stick to the tin; rather than that, if you have a Lush black pot, I recommend keeping it on top of its lid, for example.
Both solid and liquid Lush shampoos might be a little expensive but it's well worth the investment, they last longer than most liquid shampoos from other brands and lather up very nicely.

Buy: Karma Komba solid shampoo
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