Thursday, 21 January 2016

Kiko: Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker Review

I love matte lipsticks but they tend to be very drying, so when I was searching for other options I found this lip marker and got it during Christmas sales to try it out. The cool thing about lip markers is as long as you exfoliate and moisturize your lips you can still get that matte effect without feeling completely dry after a few hours - but don't expect any miracles, it just stains your lips, it doesn't moisturize them whatsoever, your creases will still be very defined.
When I used it the first couple of times, the color was very dark and uneven (like a felt tip pen looks on paper if you paint a few layers on top of each other), so I just used it as a base color and covered it with a lighter lipstick so it didn't look messy and still had the dark color I wanted. But after a few weeks of use it dried-out quite a bit and now it looks more faded when you put it on, which personally I don't dislike because now the color looks a bit more even (but of course you have to keep this in mind if you're looking for a really dark shade). I've read some reviews that said that if you store it upside down it helps prevent the fading problem, but personally it didn't work for me.
The marker shape is very helpful when it comes to defining your lips, you just have to follow your natural lines, like you would with a lip liner. It is, in fact, long lasting and it doesn't transfer, so I don't stain my boyfriend every time I kiss him.
Overall, it's nice to use under other lipsticks to make them look darker and it was pretty cheap but I'm still not sure if I'd repurchase it, depends on how fast it'll completely dry-out.

Shade: 101 Beige

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