Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Why you shouldn't buy fur, wool, leather and down

Recently I found a small brand who is selling mink fur coats and advertising them on facebook. There are a lot of people supporting this brand and buying from them and this actually scares me. I was faced, once again, with the question: do they know and realize what they are contributing to or is this just pure ignorance? I commented on a publication, and after a few minutes the comment was deleted and I was blocked on the page. I shared the same post, still angry at this situation and a lot of my friends did the same thing as me and their comments were also deleted and they were blocked. These people know perfectly well what they are doing yet they still choose to endorse animal cruelty for the sake of fashion and getting money. 
I remember the first animal cruelty video I ever saw was from Peta's campaign BloodyBurberry so this was always a very sensitive topic for me. When I was a child I saw chickens and rabbits getting their throats slit and getting skinned very frequently, and I was always taught to think this was 'the natural way of things' but this only made me more aware. I'll share with you some pretty graphic videos on the topic, make sure to make your own research so you can make a conscious decision next time you consider buying any of these materials. Shopping for vegan clothing is easy since most brands offer a large variety of cotton and polyester clothes, just check the labels before you buy them. For more information on what to wear and what materials to avoid click here.

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More information:
♥ Information on animals used for clothing
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 Choose compassion, end the cruelty 

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  1. a "minha" s tornou-se vegan primeiro e viu o "earthlings" depois. será mais comum, talvez, o contrário. foi assim que me apercebi da "cena" - e ainda não dei esse passo: a gula.

    o problema da indiferença humana à questã da crueldade face às outras espécies, supostamente inferiores - dizem os especistas - é mais abrangente: a corrupção humana. x vende peles, ou carne. comentas junto de x e dos que compram a x que peles e carne, not ok. mas x tem de pagar as contas / ir à islândia / comprar um ferrari. que vai ele fazer?

    e depois há um espinhoo que custa digerir a muitos: y e z, zés manés com empregos de caca e pouca relevância social.. talvez até algo à margem porque, por ideologia, preferiram não se imiscuir, sempre que executam algo bem nos seus respectivos trabalhos estão a ser uma rodinha bem oleada da engrenagem que nos mantém domados, que nos abusa, que abusa dos animais.

    não começámos a assumir que afinal a terra não era plana por ser proibido pensar que o era, mas ao contrário, durante muitos anos, foi assim..