Thursday, 11 February 2016

Movie of the Month: January

Cat Soup (2001)

Cat Soup is an experimental short film directed by Tatsuo Satō and based on the manga by Chiyomi Hashiguchi (also known as Nekojiru). This bizarre and surreal movie follows Nyāko and her younger brother Nyatta in their journey as they try to recover part of Nyāko's soul that was taken away after she died. It's dark, twisted and filled with powerful images and symbology. It might look cute at first sight, but it's definitely not meant for kids.


  1. vimos hoje e é magnífico!

    1. é, não é? :x eu amei
      fiz hoje o post dos filmes do mês de fevereiro se quiseres ver mais algumas recomendações *

    2. já conheço esses,
      Bergman filmava muito elegante. dos que mais gosto.
      no anime ainda tenho mto q aprender..