Friday, 4 March 2016

Hamburg - February/March 2016 ♡

I've been in Hamburg these past few days with my boyfriend to see Touché Amoré and Modern Life Is War at Together Fest, they're two of my favorite bands and I only got to see them once before because they never make it to Portugal on European tours. We also got to see some local bands playing at Rote Flora, hung out with some friends and had the best vegan food we've eaten in a while. 

Shameless bathroom selfie right there, sorry.

Ok so, I was also very excited to go back to Veganz. To those who don't know, Veganz is a market chain that sells all vegan food - YES, EVERYTHING THERE IS VEGAN! I think there are only a few around Germany and one in Prague, but I hope they expand to the rest of Europe soon. There's usually a Goodies right next to it where you can have some meals, desserts, smoothies, coffee and other drinks. I get really excited about these kinds of markets because we don't have anything like this in Portugal.
Here are a few pictures of the snacks we got, our lunch, dessert and a late night snack after the show.

 Hope you have a nice weekend 

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